She meets Coco

Coffee, art and all things Chanel.



La vita è bella




Brown eyes, brown hair, fairly tanned skin and follower of Christ. I am an 18-year old student who accidentally have fallen madly in love with fashion. To be honest, it all started with a passionate love affair between me & Coco Chanel which resulted in the birth of a fashion obsession.

Near the most southern tip of Africa, in the valley of the Cape between the vineyards, the ocean and mountains, is where I am home. All my life I have been inhaling the South African air and thank God for His gracious love, a good&blessed life it truly has been.

I am the type of person you’ll find in an art gallery wandering off in infinite thoughts, at the beach: sun-kissing my cheeks watching as my fingers freely dance across the Vogue pages, otherwise I’ll just be in my room, daydreaming and staring at my cup of coffee with a few classic records humming a background melody. I adore all things arty. Fashion is quite arty. I adore the manifested narrative hidden in all its creativity and the shimmering honesty of the self-expressed persona worn in style.

& also, a great, big shout-out to all my beautiful people, inspiring&spontaneous beautiful people. These are people being responsible for the existence of not only me, but as well as the existence of this blog. They surround me, they bless me, they support me, they are the reason for ‘me’. You guys are great, “julle is babes“.

Bottom line: Life is short&time is precious, too precious. I live not for myself, but for the one who gave it all: all credit to the big man upstairs.

Solid and blessed, escaping reality since ’96.

Carpe Diem!


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