Dear Coco

But first,

Oh darling-dear Coco, it’s been a while since our thoughts has last intertwined. And by “a while”, I mean a while’s time enhanced by the change of seasons.

Yes, November, the notorious month where fashion tends to steal some of Mother Nature’s finest prints and vibrant colors. Spring once again seizes the imagination of designers with its rich colors and organic shapes hidden in floral silhouettes. With the summer air starting to nibble on the heels of spring, the fashion industry is preparing for its most exciting and festive season. While the rest of us are inhaling spring and preparing for summer’s arrival, the “fashion bee’s” are passionately transforming their spring-inspired ideas into honey-golden garments. Tropical prints, floral patterns, pastel shades and fresh-cut shapes are all being manifested on the pages of newly spring-inspired magazines. Gradually clothing boutiques are stocking up fresh styles and trends born from runway’s spring-revival. I always find it mesmerizing how fashion, season-after-season, never stops creating new possibilities. With autumn’s dazzling presentation of multi-mixed textures and monochrome looks, it seemed impossible to think that spring would be able to top such statement pieces (for instance Giambattista Valli’s puffed-up ombre skirts or Chanel’s preppy palette-fun prints and Haute Couture Silhouettes ), but reflecting on what New York fashion week had to offer, we’re all in for a big surprise.

Chanel A/W Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week 2014

Giambattista Valli A/W Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week

Spring has always been my favorite season. This is not just because of my intense love affair with flowers, but also because of the golden opportunities spring has to offer. Spring, being the season of change where all that was once bare and cold now is blooming in vibrant life, Elle South Africa joins in the purifying process by welcoming the heels of their new editor, Emilie Gambade. At first when the news came to me that my ultimate idol of life, Jackie Burger, were to be leaving her post as Elle editor, I was devastated, doubting the future of Elle, the future of South Africa’s fashion community. But to my surprise, Emilie Gambade seems to have more than just pixie dust up her sleeve. I sense a hint of diamond dust.


A few days ago, calmly collected within my happy place (the duck-green chair in my room, planted in a spot of sunshine), I repeated my monthly ritual by simpering on a cup of black coffee while inspecting my newest Elle. It was then when the editors’ letter tripped a switch in my brain.  In this particular issue, Emilie Gambade reflected on happiness. It might be slightly clichéd topic as it is one of the many things we daily preach ourselves about, but so there must be reason to all the go-abouts.

In life, everybody, admit it or not, is on a constant search to discovering the ideal of life. This milestone event is partnered with happiness. Once happiness is harvested within one’s soul, it is easier to discover what truly defines one.  This letter left me feeling inspired to embrace all the opportunities spring has to offer. It made me realise once again you are in control of your own destiny. Happiness is not a deserved treat for those who choose work hard and fake love, it is choice ruled by the gift of life. Let no one stand in your way of happiness and let no one ever take it away from you. Your happiness it worth far more than anyone’s opinion. They’ve got nothing on you.

So dear Coco, I challenge you to passionately fall in love with spring. Where you go, wear your soul, what you do, do it spontaneously and what you say, say it with meaning. Don’t be afraid to make impulsive decisions and experimental changes, life’s too precious to  for living in stationary luck. Move to the edge, take a leap of faith and wear that printed dress. Thank your stars for leading the way and thank God for giving you another day. And if you have to wait for something to bloom out of you, then wait patiently. If it never does bloom out of you

then just do something else.


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